Emergency Planning

COVID Resources


Resources for Toole Design’s COVID-19 Preparation and Work From Home can be found on the I: Drive:
I:\Administrative\Emergency Preparedness Resources\Communication Resources

Folder contents include:

01_Re-Opening Offices
For All Staff
    Office Return General Guidance and Company Policies _2020_05_21.docx
    Phased Future Return to in Person Meeting Tips
    Room Capacity Signage
    Jurisdictional requirements for Field Work
For Directors
    Capacity Signage, Printable
    Cleaning Supplies For Re-Opening Survey
    Daily Wipe Down Checklist Templates
    XYZ OFFICE Return to Work Plan_Draft_2020_05_21.docx

02_Working From Home
    CADD File Management Procedures for Working Remotely
    COVID Fieldwork Policy INTERNAL
    Sample Authorization Letter as an Essential Service
    Toole Design Emergency Preparedness/Catch-All
    Working From Home/IT One Pager

03_Communication Resources (for all staff) which includes:
    Online Forums and Engagement Tips
      Introduction to Zoom,
      Zoom Backgrounds,
      Zoom Breakout rooms and Polls,
      Zoom Public Meeting Guidelines,
      Zoom Technical Housekeeping Slides
    Mentimeter Guide
    Communication Platform Decision Guide
    Virtual Interview Tips

04_COVID-19 Specific HR Benefits
    FFCRA Brownbag_Apr23.ppt
    FFCRA Announcement and Poster from Government

05_Transition out of Offices_March
    Telework Roll-Out and Conference Participation
    COVID-19 Statement