Client Relationship Mgmt

Cosential CRM


  • How can I look up a contact?
    • Login to Cosential and search for their name in the universal search box at the top of the screen.
  • How can I enter a lead?
  • How can I enter an Opportunity?
    • Only marketing staff create opportunities – you can create a lead and notify marketing that it can be converted to an opportunity. More here.
  • How can I view Opportunities/Leads that I am associated with? My office is associated with?
  • What Projects and Opportunities have we teamed with another firm on?
    • Lookup the firm using the universal search box and scroll down to the Projects portion of the record.
  • What Opportunities/Leads are we pursuing?
    • Click the Opportunity Grid or Lead Grid shortcut at the top of the Cosential home dashboard
  • How can I look up our prequalification status?
  • How can I enter project details?
    • Search for the project using the universal search box and edit relevant details
  • How can I look up staff certifications?
    • Either navigate to Personnel using the left hand navigation and click on the staff member. Once there, navigate to the certifications section of their record
  • How can I log my phone calls with a client or partner?
    • Click the New Call shortcut at the top of the Cosential home dashboard
  • How can I customize my Cosential dashboard?
  • How can I customize my Cosential Lead/Opportunity Grid?
    • Use the filter button at the top of each grid screen to customize what the grid displays
  • How can I create a report in Cosential?
    • Click Reports in the bottom left of the navigation bar and follow the wizard to create a new report
  • How to recommend that we pursue an RFP – standard email request form
  • How to request interview materials
  • Standard cut sheet request form
    • G:\Marketing_DCA\Cut Sheets\_Cut_Sheet_Form\Cut_Sheet_Information_Form_2018.docx
  • Proposal Technical Lead Guide
  • Marketing Lite Guidelines
  • Marketing Free Guidelines
  • How to provide comments in Adobe Acrobat
  • How to see the status of contract review – Contract Review Matrix spreadsheet