Emergency Planning

COVID Resources


Resources for Toole Design’s COVID-19 Preparation and Work From Home can be found on the I: Drive:
I:\Administrative\Emergency Preparedness Resources\Communication Resources

Folder contents include:

01_Re-Opening Offices
For All Staff
    Office Return General Guidance and Company Policies _2020_05_21.docx
    Phased Future Return to in Person Meeting Tips
    Room Capacity Signage
    Jurisdictional requirements for Field Work
For Directors
    Capacity Signage, Printable
    Cleaning Supplies For Re-Opening Survey
    Daily Wipe Down Checklist Templates
    XYZ OFFICE Return to Work Plan_Draft_2020_05_21.docx

02_Working From Home
    CADD File Management Procedures for Working Remotely
    COVID Fieldwork Policy INTERNAL
    Sample Authorization Letter as an Essential Service
    Toole Design Emergency Preparedness/Catch-All
    Working From Home/IT One Pager

03_Communication Resources (for all staff) which includes:
    Online Forums and Engagement Tips
      Introduction to Zoom,
      Zoom Backgrounds,
      Zoom Breakout rooms and Polls,
      Zoom Public Meeting Guidelines,
      Zoom Technical Housekeeping Slides
    Mentimeter Guide
    Communication Platform Decision Guide
    Virtual Interview Tips

04_COVID-19 Specific HR Benefits
    FFCRA Brownbag_Apr23.ppt
    FFCRA Announcement and Poster from Government

05_Transition out of Offices_March
    Telework Roll-Out and Conference Participation
    COVID-19 Statement



Ajera.jpg (Note, only functional in Internet Explorer/Edge Browsers)

    • I need to enter my timesheet
      • Click the Ajera icon in top left and choose Time & Expense under the Manage heading. Agree to the browser prompt and the Time & Expense List will appear. Click New in the bottom right to create a new timesheet or double click an existing timesheet to modify time recorded
    • I need to make an expense report.
      • Follow the directions above, but once the Time & Expense List window appears, click the My Expenses tab and then New to create a new expense report
    • I need to view project accounting details
      • Click the Ajera icon in top left and choose Project Command Center under the Manage tab (only available if assigned project manager permissions in Ajera)
    • I need to see my utilization rate
      • Click the Ajera icon in top left and choose Employee Ut- By EE under the Reports tab
    • I need to view or change my scheduled hours
      • Click the Ajera icon in top left and choose Schedule under the Manage tab
    • I need my Ajera password reset

HR and Payroll


Paylocity-apple.jpg (Single Sign On link)

  • I need to view my paystubs.
  • I need to request time off OR
  • What is my current leave balance?
    • On the main Paylocity dashboard, Request Time Off, and Leave balances are recorded in the Time Off panel, in the center column, second from the top.
  • Where is an online copy of the company handbook OR
  • Where is an online copy of all company policies and procedures?
    • On the main Paylocity dashboard, shortcuts to the handbook and policies as well as other resources are available on the Company panel in the left column on the bottom.
  • I need to download my W2 from past years.
    • Expand the Pay panel (center column, top) by clicking “More” in the lower right hand corner. There you will find a link to past year’s W2 as well as Tax Forms
  • I want to see my retirement benefits.
  • I want to see the company organization chart.
  • I need to find someone’s cell phone number.
    • See Work Mobile Phone on the lower left underneath the profile picture
  • I need to manage my FSA.

Client Relationship Mgmt

Cosential CRM


  • How can I look up a contact?
    • Login to Cosential and search for their name in the universal search box at the top of the screen.
  • How can I enter a lead?
  • How can I enter an Opportunity?
    • Only marketing staff create opportunities – you can create a lead and notify marketing that it can be converted to an opportunity. More here.
  • How can I view Opportunities/Leads that I am associated with? My office is associated with?
  • What Projects and Opportunities have we teamed with another firm on?
    • Lookup the firm using the universal search box and scroll down to the Projects portion of the record.
  • What Opportunities/Leads are we pursuing?
    • Click the Opportunity Grid or Lead Grid shortcut at the top of the Cosential home dashboard
  • How can I look up our prequalification status?
  • How can I enter project details?
    • Search for the project using the universal search box and edit relevant details
  • How can I look up staff certifications?
    • Either navigate to Personnel using the left hand navigation and click on the staff member. Once there, navigate to the certifications section of their record
  • How can I log my phone calls with a client or partner?
    • Click the New Call shortcut at the top of the Cosential home dashboard
  • How can I customize my Cosential dashboard?
  • How can I customize my Cosential Lead/Opportunity Grid?
    • Use the filter button at the top of each grid screen to customize what the grid displays
  • How can I create a report in Cosential?
    • Click Reports in the bottom left of the navigation bar and follow the wizard to create a new report
  • How to recommend that we pursue an RFP – standard email request form
  • How to request interview materials
  • Standard cut sheet request form
    • G:\Marketing_DCA\Cut Sheets\_Cut_Sheet_Form\Cut_Sheet_Information_Form_2018.docx
  • Proposal Technical Lead Guide
  • Marketing Lite Guidelines
  • Marketing Free Guidelines
  • How to provide comments in Adobe Acrobat
  • How to see the status of contract review – Contract Review Matrix spreadsheet

Photo Library



Welcome to OpenAsset, Toole Design’s Digital Asset Management System. Here you will find our best photos to bring into your deliverables.

Server Resources

Other Toole Design Resources

  • I want to view the skillshare matrix (VPN required – works in Edge or Chrome)
  • I want to view/edit/renew my professional registrations – Harbor Compliance
  • I want to find reference materials on common subjects – I:\Library
  • I want to find the go/no-go recommendation process G:\Marketing_DCA\Standard_emails\Go_Recommendation_email_format.docx
  • Where are the templates for contract win/rate requests?
    • I:\Administrative\Contracts & Risk Management\Contracts\Contracts Review Process\2-7-2017\Contract Review Process 2-6-2017.docx
  • Where can I find the Project Workbook and included Contract Win email template?
    • I:\Administrative\ProjectWorkbook
  • How do I send a fax?
  • How do I request graphic designer time? Use this form
  • How do I request GIS staff time? Use this form
  • How do I request editing help? Use this form
  • Where are TDG trainings saved?
    • I:\Administrative\Core Trainings
  • How do I request to attend a conference or be reimbursed for professional development?
    • I:\Administrative\Human Resources\Professional Development Policy
  • Where can I find project management resources?
    • I:\Administrative\Project Management
  • Where can I find Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) resources?
    • I:\Administrative\QAQC
  • Resources for Directors
    • Directors Meeting Notes
      • Y:\Operations\Directors\Directors_Meetings
    • Projections
      • Ciara and Lindsay Reed maintain this as a spreadsheet.
    • Monthly A/R Reports
      • Kinya and Isabel manage this as a dashboard.

Email lists

Useful email lists and resource groups


Join the Group listserv in Outlook (here’s how).

Learn more about Toole Design’s resource groups and how to get involved :

I:\Administrative\Department Business Plans and Practice Plans\Resource Groups