HR and Payroll

Paylocity (Single Sign On link)

  • I need to view my paystubs.
  • I need to request time off OR
  • What is my current leave balance?
    • On the main Paylocity dashboard, Request Time Off, and Leave balances are recorded in the Time Off panel, in the center column, second from the top.
  • Where is an online copy of the company handbook OR
  • Where is an online copy of all company policies and procedures?
    • On the main Paylocity dashboard, shortcuts to the handbook and policies as well as other resources are available on the Company panel in the left column on the bottom.
  • I need to download my W2 from past years.
    • Expand the Pay panel (center column, top) by clicking “More” in the lower right hand corner. There you will find a link to past year’s W2 as well as Tax Forms
  • I want to see my retirement benefits.
  • I want to see the company organization chart.
  • I need to find someone’s cell phone number.
    • See Work Mobile Phone on the lower left underneath the profile picture
  • I need to manage my FSA.